There must be fifty ways to dump your stew out...

but I haven't found a single one with which I am fully satisfied.

Throw it in the garbage can? No, because if there is even a small tear in your garbage bag, you will have a mess on your hands.

Dump it in the sink? Then you're going to have chunks of meat and vegetables to cleanup from your sink.

I am about to dump mine into a strainer sitting in the sink. This works okay, except afterwards I will have a pot and a strainer to clean, not just a pot.


  1. Don't you have a garbage disposal?

    1. Unfortunately, no. And it's a rental so I'm not going to install one.

  2. You could always, I don't know, just eat all of the stew.

    I never like to see food go to waste, so if there is any left that I think will go bad, then I just buckle down and eat it all.

    Friends, family, and coworkers have always remarked not just upon how much food I can consume in any given meal, but also upon the speed that I eat it. I can literally pound down a pound and a half of food in just a few minutes.

    I will admit that I usually only eat two full meals in a given day (with a few snacks in between), so most of my meals seem to be ginormous compared to the average person.

    1. Joe, you could always, I don't know, try cooking for five people plus irregular guests and always plan every dish quantity so none ever gets wasted.

      Or, you might non rompere i coglioni.


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