Hints from Heloise...

uh, ahem, I mean "Life Hacks"!

Something that really works for me: I cook quite a bit. A great time saver and mass preventer has been to put a large Tupperware on the counter near my cutting board. I can generally prepare an entire meal before it's filled. Instead of a dozen trips to the trashcan, I make one. If the scraps are all vegetable, I will often bag them and throw them in the freezer, to feed to my worms at a future date.


  1. Silas, no matter how many times you return with the stupid "Gene thinks you can't learn from books" posts, they won't get posted, because:
    1) I never said anything remotely like that;
    2) I write books that I hope to have people learn from; and
    3) I've told you #1 and #2 many, many times now.

    I think people can learn from written material. But I'm starting to think I know someone who can't, and his name starts with an 'S' and ends with 'ilas."


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