Oblivious to the concept

Mark Anthony Signorelli gets this right:

"One answer would be that modern disbelievers, under the influence of their positivist assumptions, simply have no idea what earlier thinkers meant by the concept of God."

This is so much the case that when I discuss the standard, millenia-old idea of God here, readers accuse me of "redefining the word"!

And this quote is nice, too: "An atheist is just someone who has failed to notice the perfectly evident necessity of God’s existence."


  1. "a logically correct description of what the word ‘God’ means would necessarily imply that there is no coherent sense in which God could not be.”

    Just like I thought.

    1. Yes, rob, you have mastered a 2500 year-old tradition of thought stretching across several continents by reading a book review.

    2. And by the way, the above sentence describes something significantly different than what you thought. But I am sure it is more comfortable to believe your prejudice has been confirmed.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 1) What prejudice is in that post?

      2) What ad hominem is there?

      3) Are you not even aware that an "appeal to authority" is a VALID form of argument when the person really IS an authority on the subject?! You just took it on someone's authority that all appeals to authority are fallacies, didn't you?

  2. ok.

    I will delete that last comment then.


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