Why do cashiers…

when giving you your change, first put the bills in your outstretched hand, and then place the coins on top of the bills? This is pretty obviously the wrong order: you can easily grasp the bills with the coins underneath them, but it is very hard to grasp the coins with the bills underneath them.


  1. Thanks. I'll remember that one.

  2. When they added up change themselves, they didn't. (Remember? "20, 50, 5 pounds, and 5 makes 10") But now the till adds change for them, they do.

  3. Because they are young and are counting out the sum they see displayed. They read 16.37 from right to left and pay you right to left. Older cashiers, lacking such displays woul announe you paid 3.63, pay the coins to count up to 4.00 and the bills 5, 10, 15, 20 as they pay out a 1 and three 5s.

    That or an Obama conspiracy.

  4. Here in Cleveland we have to hand-to-hand change-giving, it's all passed through a slot below the bulletproof glass window.

    1. Sorry, typo. I meant to say that we "have no hand-to-hand change giving"

  5. I think they subconsciously do not want to touch your hand. (I have made a similar observation - - certain sorts of people will seem to deliberately touch your hand and other sorts will go out of their way not to.)


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