I really dislike...

the people trying to kill businesses like Uber and AirBnB. These businesses are giving people with little capital the chance to be independent and run their own business under the larger company's umbrella.

But some people aren't happy unless everyone is a proletarian except them and their friends!


  1. "Software is eating the world"

    I always asked:
    And when it has eaten all what will be left?

  2. I'm surprised you'd come down this way. My model of you predicts you'd have a lot of the usual reservations about:

    - reneging on the "property right" in a taxi medallion without compensation
    - sending out underinsured drivers who probably don't understand the costs and risks they're taking on
    - how Airbnb encourages circumvention of zoning laws and rental contracts ("no, you don't have the right to invite walmart to run out your basement, even if you 'own' the property")
    - how they generally skirt the law in anticipation they'll be too popular to prosecute

    Plus, Airbnb is low-capital?

    1. Well, all of the things you note *might* be problems, but we can take two attitudes:
      1) There are these problems: let's speed through some legislation so we can get these great new services on the right side of the law; and
      2) There are these problems: therefore let's crush these new services.


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