Friday, October 09, 2015

Why Can I Enjoy Hot Coffee, and Iced Coffee...

but not tepid coffee?

Hypothesis: in temperate climates, water that is OK to drink is either:

1) Cold, drawn from a clear running stream that flows from a cold lake; or
2) Hot, because it was boiled.

Tepid water is stagnant and unsafe to drink.

Mild support for hypothesis: I have noticed that people who grew up in the tropics do not have the same aversion to tepid drinks that I do.


  1. Or you are always hot or cold and seek something cold or hot for balance, whereas everything is always the same temperature in the tropics.

    1. The difficulty with that idea is that I am fine drinking hot coffee in the summer, and iced drinks in the winter. But I don't want tepid drinks in any season, even when the weather is moderate!


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