Sometimes, the computer industry is pretty messed up

I was just trying to install Office 2016 on my Mac laptop, and I received the message, "This software cannot be installed, because it is from an unknown developer."

So, Apple Computer has never heard of a developer called "Microsoft"?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!


  1. OS X checks whether application bundles are signed by someone with a developer account, which is actually a decent way of preventing people from accidentally running malware pretending to be a legitimate program. Since Microsoft presumably has a developer account and knows how to sign its code, maybe the file either got corrupted somehow or came from some dubious source?

    If you're sure it's legitimate, you can run it anyway by right-clicking the app icon and choosing Open from the contextual menu.

    1. I understood basically what was up, and got it to install. And the file was straight from Microsoft, and did not appear to be corrupt.
      What really struck me was that Apple and Microsoft did not appear to be able to coordinate their efforts here!

    2. If it was improperly signed, signed with the wrong private key, not signed at all, or modified, then Gene wouldn't even be facing these troubles because the application simply wouldn't run.


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