Sometimes, not giving a crap comes back to haunt you

I have complained often about TV and movie directors not bothering to get details correct when it would have been simple to do so. So it is with great schadenfreude that I report:

The TV series Homeland hired people to paint pro-Muslim graffiti on some walls, in Arabic, for an episode. Typically, they didn't bother to check what their contractors were painting. Well, it turns out it was things like "Homeland is racist!"

Millions for special effects, but not a couple of hundred bucks for a linguist!


  1. Nah, I'm going to give them a pass on this one. You're assuming the linguist wouldn't have taken their money and lied to their faces. But, they were assuming the artists wouldn't take their money and lie to their faces.

    1. Well, except when this story broke, The linguist would have been embarrassed, but the actual perpetrators are proud of themselves.

    2. If they were smart, they wouldn't tell the linguist the context of the image; it would just be some random job that says "Translate this mural", no way to know that it's a prank on Homeland.


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