between scylla and charybdis

I just came across this aggravating website. Poor Jessica Worrell cannot live with her father because the American government refuses to let him live here. He overstayed a visa once. He has a daughter, wife and job waiting for him so he is no slob. Jessica, in turn, is not allowed by the Australian government to go live with her father because her health care costs are allegedly too much for their system to handle. She has a mental disability.

The choices for Jessica seem to be either to go without her dad and possibly suffer from even more mental trauma that could shut her down permanently or for her father to come here as a fugitive...unless there is enough uproar for somebody in government to champion their cause which brings us back to that website. They are asking for us letter-writing cranks to pester the government enough to send a champion. So if you happen to be part of the few, the proud, the cranky visit Jessica's website.


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