Urban Pants

OK, I just don't get the gig with the fad among inner-city youngins for wearing one's pants so that the waistband is down around one's privates. I'm pretty fashion tolerant, but this strikes me as using a piece of clothing in a nonsensical way, similar to wearing shoes on your ears or a hat stuffed up your ass.

And most puzzling of all are the street dealers who adopt the style. I mean, if you had a job that involved periodically fleeing the cops, wouldn't you want to dress so that you didn't have a waistband around your thighs?


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Yo Vanilla, one my homies, Kurt Vee, rapped 'bout one Harrison Bergeron, 'stead of da State compelling da home boyz to wear shackles to slow 'em down, dey be voluntary. Same ting goin awn wif da phat peoples wearin da Nike shit, give em a relative performance boost.

    Ain you never figured out dat da loud rap comin from da headphones is akin to gettin all da brothahs outfitted wif cowbells?

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Gene, they should definitely go metal and wear leather pants. You should stop by ASC, too. It could use your influence.


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