Random Thoughts

* For those of you who also use PCs, let me ask you this: Have you ever "upgraded" your software online, and been happy with the result??

* You know what I want to see? A movie that follows the protagonist around, and we see that he really needs to get somewhere in order to avert disaster. He's zooming along in his car, and then all of a sudden--a cop blocks the road and commandeers (is that the word?) the car. The reason I say this is that you always see such scenes from the POV of the cop, and you're always relieved that the cop gets to chase the villain in the civilian's car. The camera never follows up on the poor sap who got ordered out of his car at gunpoint.

* I'd always like to watch a movie in which we watched two competitors who had cool theme music. E.g. when you're watching Top Gun and Loggins starts singing, you just know Tom Cruise is gonna smoke some Russkies. But what if the camera switched to the Russkies, and all of a sudden the music was the Lone Ranger theme?! Maverick et al. had better cruise out of there in a hurry.


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