Black Market Creation

So there's all this talk of a consumption tax. And hey, Greenspan is for it so it must be good, right? Anyway, at one point in the article, it says that if the income tax went away, the national sales tax would have to be something like 27%! That number makes me gasp. But then I thought, "Well hey, I bet a HUGE black market would develop," and you know what? That would actually be kinda cool. It's not that I want to buy a car on the black market--the prospect makes me nervous. If America were to switch to a consumption tax, then Uncle Sam's cut would become so obvious. Right now, the bulk of taxes that an individual pays are just lifted right out of your paycheck before it ever reaches your hands. How much do you feel that? But if you have to shell out an extra thirty percent (minimum, including state sales taxes) every time you make a purchase, you're gonna feel it, and it is going to be painful. It would be nice if everyone winced when the gov't backhanded them. Sometimes it's just so lonely to be an anarchist, you know? You sit around hating the gov't, surrounded by a world of people who love it. A consumption tax would be a nice wake up call. Hit em where it hurts!


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