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When head of Nestle S.A. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe made a few interesting comments the other day it was a total shock. Go ahead and click the link. All his statements concerning the responsibility of the large corporation for community welfare are on the money, so to speak. Real gems! Not only am I sure that the purveyors of social guilt and wealth redistribution are shocked to see someone speaking candidly about business based community welfare but I was equally shocked to see someone in that milieu finally speak the truth: Businesses do not take away from the community. They ADD to it, baby, and any philanthropic efforts made by the business should be with the idea that these efforts will benefit the business in the long run. After all, it's the stockowners' money they are playing with. I wasn't at the speech he made at Boston College's Chief Executives' Club so I wonder if he mentioned that currently such philanthropic efforts are profitable mostly from a public relations point of view. If we were more honest about all of this nonsense, not only will businesses benefit more, but the community will benefit greatly too...instead of just the social guilt crowd.


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