In the spirit of P.M. Jaworski's last post, I've decided to complain about nightlife (instead of the government), one of the subjects other than anti-statism this blog is supposed to cover. Oh wait! Anti-statism isn't even listed! Neither is bitching or complaining!

Anyway, why does my baby regularly have a bowel movement at 5 am? Do you know how much easier it would be to get him to go back to sleep if he just ate and dozed off again? Noooo, he has to launch WWIII in his diaper, often attacking his onesie and sleeper as well, and we have to get up, turn lights on, strip him down, clean him up, and redress him, and by this time, he's cooing and smiling and ready to play. Repeatedly telling him that "We do not get up at 5 am in this house" does nothing. Nothing! My nightlife is more active now than it was when I was a college freshman.


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