Hey, Everyone Makes Mistakes

Sometimes, I am so disappointed in the human race that I think I might die from it. Case in point. It seems that 50% percent of Russians would vote for Stalin if he were running for president of Russia today. I hate to sound like the gangster who is shocked, nay, SHOCKED, to discover there is gambling happening on the premises, but, truly, I AM shocked.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Must we adore perpetrators of mass murder? Stalin murdered millions of Ukrainians by starvation, all the while exporting butter to Western Europe to prove how wealthy Russia was. After all, if you can export your butter, you must have tons of the stuff lying around. (And let's not forget, that under Communism, you can have all the guns and butter you want.)

One standard bearer of freedom (if you aren't familiar with sarcasm, look it up)actually says that Stalin simply made a mistake. Since when is the purposeful murder of innocent men, women, and children, not to mention the enslavement of tens of millions more in labor camps, simply a mistake?

Hey, all you morons who feel a certain nostalgia for Communism, get a grip, Communism equals Death!!!!


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