Bob Warns Gene

Sorry folks, I must destroy the unanimity that we've come to love at Crash Landing. In his post "Israel Warns Palestine," I think Gene makes at least two mistakes. (I'm neglecting his [different] misspellings of Palestinian.)

First, Gene claims that it is unreasonable for Israel to insist that the Palestinian leadership crack down on suicide bombings (or else the peace deal is off), because after all, Israel has been unable to prevent such attacks despite years of strong suggestions (with tanks, etc.).

But so what? Is it really so unreasonable to assume that Palestinians might be more inclined to listen to other Palestinians who say blowing yourself up to hurt Jewish kids at discos is immoral and stupid? Who's more likely to persuade Arabs to stop car bombings in Iraq--a Moslem cleric or Condoleeza Rice?

Second, I must confess that I thought Gene was going to take the post in a totally different direction. Think about it: Israel declares that if Palestine doesn't stop suicide bombings, then the peace is over.

Rather than criticizing this stance as unfair, I thought Gene was just going to say, "Duh!"


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