Ali Gene in a Welsh Garden

Yo, yo, yo, shoutin out to the Crash Landing massive that me's back. I had to do a little time inside, you know, I'se went down for a bit, but I'm out again.

What I wants to talk to you about today is when I went to see me main man, that diamond geezer Professor Callahan, out in Wales. Well, I'm waitin' for 'im and lookin' at the nice bit o' greenery you sees above. And there's these two Welsh blokes next to me, and I says to 'em, "What sort a garden is that?"

And one of the wankers tells me, "Not garden."

So, I says to 'im, "Look, I can bloody well see it's a garden, I just want to know what sort a garden it is."

And the other Jobby says, "Not garden."

These Welsh is really lost the plot.


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