Fatwa (in words!!) on Kristol

Incidentally, fatwa is a pretty interesting concept for private law thinkers. But anyway, here I just mean it in the I'm-a-typical-American-and-can't-find-Kuwait-on-a-map sense. Recently Bill Kristol wrote an article containing the following concession:

Democrats hyped last Sunday's news stories breathlessly reporting on one judgment from April's National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)--that the war in Iraq has created more terrorists. More than would otherwise have been created if Saddam were still in power? Who knows? The NIE seems not even to have contemplated how many terrorists might have been created by our backing down, by Saddam's remaining in power to sponsor and inspire terror, and the like.

Did y'all catch that? Kristol is here admitting that there might be more terrorists now than before we invaded Iraq!! And he's acting like the war hawks never claimed otherwise!!

I don't have the time, but somebody ought to comb through his archives and find Kristol's discussions (pre-invasion) of why we needed to go in and take out Saddam vis-a-vis terrorism. I would be very surprised if he even hinted at the possibility that the absolute number of terrorists might go up (though relative to inaction, the number would still be lower).

Oh one other thing: I think you'd have to pay $30 to subscribe to the Weekly Standard to get the back issues. But just view it as Kristol selling you the noose.



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