Letters from the Brownshirts

I've received about 100 letters in response to my "Welcome to Fascist America" article, about 90% positive, including notes from an ex-Marine and an ex-official from high up in the Reagan administration. But what's almost amusing is the general tone of the other 10%, which runs, "Fuck you, you Communist traitor, go to hell!" As if they were trying to illustrate my point by showing the fascist spirit in its full glory!


  1. I just saw a terrible movie with some good jokes in it.

    The Head of Security for Colony Earth screwed around with an overlord senator's daughter; so when the Inspector General arrives from Headquarters for a routine checkup, the Head is informed that approval of his pending promotion and transfer has been revoked. He can expect to spend the next fifty years on Earth. "One good thing," the I.G. says, "someday you'll die, and when you find yourself in Hell, at least it'll be a step up from this miserable shithole."


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