Letters from the Insane

In response to my recent column at LewRockwell.com, I received:
As it turns out Mussalini and Tito regarded as the co=operators of 'facisim" in the 1920's were quite sure they would get the support of Hitler when discussions regarding the masses were in doubt.

Look what happened to the super-star Micheal Jackson, a prodigy of the facist movement, created right here in America in the early 60's.

The civil right leaders at that time were unaware of the plot to create a story which later would be carried through by the Japanese , another society that keep its masses homogeneous throughout recent history, and still does today.

What about another great american hero of the 40's and 50's , i foget his name, but recently praised by the Japanese outgoing PM, ""love me tender"" , totally setup up by the Russians, in a deliberate move to carry out idealogy that was being kept secret, that started in the 1920s and 1930s.

So what is my point hear,

segregation is a word that we learnt in the 60s that became apparent in 2000, interms of psycho-analytical geographic-representations, or a way the masses were represented in terms of census reporting.

This is true when the ROMANS did the same to control the genetic-flow, as we learn today of the Nobel winning loreates, that have control over the genetic dispersions that have grown through the ages.

Reports are known to find that stem cells are made avaialble for price ranges between $60000 and more.

Yeah, what he said! But what did he say?


  1. That's the weirdest computer-generated spam ever.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I think what he said is quite clear, in fact.

  3. Woody9:22 PM

    Is Tito one of Michael Jackson's brothers?

  4. A mind is a terrible thing..."

  5. I believe Tito was the one who played guitar.

  6. Michael Jackson has a brother named Tito and a sister named Tita.

  7. Woodrow5:54 PM

    I think you're mistaken about his sister's name, but that's understandable, given all the media attention. His sister, Janet, created a scandal when she exposed her tita on live television.


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