A Note from a Reader

Sometimes, you get a note that makes the effort seem worthwhile, after all:


Dear Mr. Gene Callahan,

I just read your subject article online and when i saw a link to email you, i felt compelled to write a few lines. I hope you will have the time to read.

I am an Indian national, working in Saudi Arabia. And I am a muslim.

Recently, I have changed my plans about savings and started spending more. Because i think i won't live long enough to enjoy the benefits of my savings. I feel I will be killed soon by American violence - if it is not by American soldier or bomb, then it will be another bomb/bullet which was triggered in direct reaction to American actions.

I am not a jihadi. I am not even religious. But the fact that i was born a muslim qualifies me for such a death.

Day in and day out i hear debates about why killing Americans is justified. About how this world can only be saved by destroying America. About how we are doomed unless we act against America.

But that is just one of the opinions i hear. For the vast majority of us, there is no opinion, no hope... just despair. We feel we are doomed, no matter what!

And every time i hear such an argument, i always debate the logic and the remotest possibility that violence can save the rest of the world from being consumed by the American empire.

In my personal view, there is only one hope. And that is the PEOPLE of America.

During my 14 years' stay in Saudi Arabia, I have worked/interacted with many western nationals. And it is my view that Americans are one of the nicest people in the world. and the day they find out what their government is really up to, they will put an end to it.

And when i read articles like the one i read from you today, i feel there is hope.

Thank you for giving us that hope!

God bless you,


  1. Reminds me of the Pakistani waving a "Death to Bush" banner during a demonstration in Karachi. When asked by the CNN interviewer of his plans for the future, he answers: "God willing I will join my family in America. Terrible government. Wonderful country"

  2. I visited Morroco about 10 years ago and found it to be a beautiful place. Furthermore, the people there, especially those in the countryside, were extremely friendly, generous and hospitable. They were also very eager to teach us about their country and learn about America.


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