BTW T-Mobile Sux

I offer the above lemma without proof. It is left as an exercise for the reader.


  1. A few years back I got a smoking deal on ATT service. For $40 I got 650 minutes, plus free nights and weekends.

    Then Cingular bought ATT wireless. Didn't notice much difference at first, but a couple months ago I started to not have reception in my home. It's not completely gone, but it does tend to break up. The b*st*rds at Cingular are "upgrading" antennas so that *ssh*l*s like me with old SIM cards can't use them. My nearest antenna is now 6 miles away they say.

    They claim to be unable to actually help me unless I upgrade to a new sim card while downgrading to a new contract. I told them that if they are going to screw me over that way, I am not going to reward them with a new contract.

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