Get Out the Vote!

People are always worrying about enough voters showing up at the polls on election day. Well, after this last election, I came up with the perfect fix: lottery elections. What the government could do would be to award large cash prizes for various categories of voter: the ballot with the most winning candidates, the ballot with the most losing candidates, the ballot closest to the mean ballot, and so on. And this move would target precisely the people whom its hardest to get to vote now.


  1. Let's make it more interesting. The lottery winner wins the actual seat. As it is now, it's already gambling. Why not be more honest about it and we'll probably get stuck with no worse a candidate anyway.

  2. Gene,

    Do you know that in some southwester (I think) state a rich person actually did set up a prize for a random voter? I don't know if it went through (there might have been legal issues) but someone definitely attempted it. If I weren't so lazy I'd look it up on the mises blog where I think I blogged the story.

    (And if this is just a hoax please don't spoil it, Andy.)

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