happy non-voter here

Just cause I'm a non-voter doesn't mean I have a complete and total disinterest in election returns this evening: I honestly hope enough Democrats win to make the Republicans stop spending money like Democrats


  1. Why are you a non-voter?

  2. Darnit. Where'd the long-winded explanation I left go to?!?

    1) I believe voting is interfering in other people's lives. It isn't merely sending a representative to gov't, it's saying you want that representative to force your whims on other people. I want no part of that.

    2) When you play a game you have to accept the consequences. I may peacefully live with the consequences of others forcing their values on me, but I'm not going to voluntarily give up my autonomy to play a stupid game. As far as I am concerned, anyone who votes gives up their right to complain about the outcome.

    3) My vote literally doesn't count. If an election were up to my vote, it would be contested.

    4) The system is open to fraud and corruption.

  3. Hi Margaret.

    What about the difference between disinterest and un- or lack of interest?

  4. Do you mean the difference between not caring at all and being uninterested in participating in a game you don't like but maintaining an interest in how it turns out because you're forced to be involved anyway?

  5. Woody6:57 AM

    "What about the difference between disinterest and un- or lack of interest? "

    Somewhere between 35 and 40.

  6. 1) I don't have the right to rule you, and you don't have the right to rule me.

    2) Neither I (nor you) can delegate to someone else - e.g., a politician - a right I (nor you) do not have. Therefore,

    3) voting for someone to rule my (and your) neighbors is illegitimate - even immoral.

    That's why I don't vote.
    --Jackney Sneeb


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