Just back from the 2007 British Idealism Conference at Gregynog. (No, it's not said 'greg-EE-nog', it's said 'greg-u-NUG'.) How was the conference? Ideal, of course!

Some photos courtesy of Chris Rolliston (I will shrink them to fit soon!):

I have dinner with Colin Tyler, James Connelly, and Chinatsu Kobayashi. The bloody Brits wouldn't give me one of their funny hats!

My dissertation advisor, David Boucher, chats with Stamatoula Panagakou. Colin told David, 'That's the ugliest jumper I've ever seen.' David replied, 'It's not ugly, it's festive'.

A view of the grounds.

Whoa! Did I just hawk up a sidewalk oyster or what?! Steve Buckel is clearly disgusted.


  1. I got a text message recently on my cell phone, which was obviously a "wrong number."

    It read to the letter as follows: "Wuts Good this the girl that works with me likES U AND SHE A JUMP"

    I can't really tell if it's a jump or not from that picture.

  2. A 'jumper' is a sweater.

  3. The bloody Brits wouldn't give me one of their funny hats!

    I know people say the blogosphere is a cesspit of half-truths and innuendo, but really! 'I don't have to pursue the intimations of this particular tradition because it's not my own' indeed! I fear Collingwood (cf. NL, 16.71-74) is becoming too much of an influence on your thinking! ;-)

  4. Yeah, it's true -- they did give me a hat. It was just funnier to make the comment I did.

    And it was really some one-pound coins, not a sidewalk oyster, in my hand.

  5. It is a pretty ugly sweater. I'm surprised somebody thought there would be a market for such a design.

  6. The blogosphere is a truthpit of half-cess, says I.

  7. Those aren't just "funny hats", Gene. They wouldn't give you one because you're not a royalist or are you?

  8. Steve Buckel8:19 AM

    It appears that the danger of over-interpretation arises in almost every field of life. My first conference at Gregynog this year was wonderful. But after spending most of the year on the shores of the Adriatic (or even in it) I found Wales in December was bloody freezing! I even had to hold up my hands up towards David's sweater to try and warm up. Good to meet you Gene, with or without hat.

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