More mainstream bias against Austrian ideas!

I am working on the study guide to Human Action. Before I send in the chapters, I email them to myself just in case my computer blows up (or my son decides it's thirsty).

Last night I emailed myself the attachment with the subject line "ha sg chap xvii". And can you believe, that Yahoo! routed it to my spam folder?! When will the mainstream start taking us seriously?!


  1. You should be using gmail!

  2. Audrey Farber3:16 PM

    Funny, all mail from 'Bob Murphy' winds up in my spam folder!

  3. I thought I was the only one who did that. I automatically email myself file attachments of revised manuscripts as the easiest way of backing them up against desktop failure.

  4. Me too, Kevin. That way:

    1) Someone else is backing them up as well. (Yahoo, Google, etc.)

    2) I can get the latest copy from anywhere in the world.


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