My new favorite blogger: Glenn Greenwald

I became aware of him when he had written some very fair Ron Paul articles, along the lines of "the guy has extreme views, but he's not a nutjob." If you're looking for someone who is very big on backing up his claims, and who appears to be very meticulous, you've found your man. Check out this recent post on what "winning" in Iraq looks like--make sure you read the stuff at the bottom about permanent military bases. I love when people dig up quotes from years ago to confirm my suspicions.


  1. Rocky Rococo11:36 AM

    Hey, Greenwald is the second link from this blog, and you just found him?

  2. Umm, yeah. You have to understand that when Gene writes "Our Favorite Blogs" that's the royal plural. And I don't ever follow Gene's advice.


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