Sick, Sick, Sick

The mainstream right in America is more fascist every day. Take a look at this thread. The New Republic carefully fact-checked their Scott Beauchamp stories once questions were raised about their veracity. (It was difficult to fact check at all because Beauchamp was an anonymous writer serving in a combat zone.) They finally decided that, while they had good evidence that Beauchamp's stories were at least partially true, they couldn't be sure, and they retracted. Good, honest journalism.

The wingnut brigades descended on the comment section of the stories like flies, slandering and insulting the TNR staff in every way possible, accusing them of publishing "obvious falsehoods," "slandering the troops," etc. And realize, these are the same people who had decided the stories were false the day they appeared, with NO FACT CHECKING AT ALL.

This is fascism at work, folks. There is no attempt at discussion, just vicious bullying of anyone who departs from the party line.


  1. You've probably already seen this, Gene, but Glenn Greenwald over at Salon has compared the TNR episode to NR's own version. I personally haven't looked into either of these, but since you seem to believe the TNR one wasn't so bad, you will probably enjoy GG's analysis.

    (As usual for me lately, HT2LRC.)

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