Tim Russert Shows He's a Dolt

By using two of the worst weasel terms in our political vocabulary: "Islamic fascists" and "moral equivalency."

Folks, there's no such thing as "Islamo-fascism," and "moral equivalency" is used to smear anyone who criticizes anything America does, by saying any criticism at all is the same as saying "America is just as bad as X," where X can be "the USSR," "the VietCong," "Castro," or "al Qaeda,"


  1. I don't like the term "Islamo-fascism" because it suggests that anyone opposing President Bush's foreign policy is a Hitler appeaser. But why are you claiming that it is a nonsense term? Don't certain Muslims think the Koran should dictate business practices etc.?

  2. "Don't certain Muslims think the Koran should dictate business practices etc.?"

    Sure. But that's not fascism! Not unless the Middle ages were a time of "Christo-fascism." The word for that type of government is "theocracy," not fascism.

    Fascism means a certain, specific type of policy platform, not any politics the speaker doesn't like.

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