Rush Limbaugh Is a Big, Slim Idiot

Last week -- it's late now, I'm about to go to bed, and too tired to hunt up the link -- Limbaugh posted the idea that the big market drop of day X was due to businessmen being in touch with reality, and realizing that the high likelihood of an Obama win spelled disaster for American businesses. Now, the first piece of rubbish here is that the mountain of bushit contends, in many other posts, that there is NO likelihood of an Obama win, and that the race is neck-and-neck. But the second can only be seen in retrospect, when this week, as the Dow scored its second highest gain ever, Limnuts failed to make a post saying, "Oh, gee, I guess business has decided Obama is fine after all!"

That's a sign of pure partisan hackery -- EVERY sort of evidence "supports" you're position.


  1. Actually you missed his explanation on his show: He said that the market jumped up when a report came out showing McCain only down by two points.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I still can't figure out why people follow national polls at all. A cursory glimpse at the Electoral College shows it is going to be an Obama landslide. And it's been that way for a long time. I suppose a relatively tight national poll gives people something to talk about.

  3. "He said that the market jumped up when a report came out showing McCain only down by two points."

    Which only adds to the stupidity, since all of the other current polls have him down 5-7%, and Limbaugh is saying traders are so silly they went all euphoric for one statistical outlier.

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