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from The Last Psychiatrist. He starts out skewering a nonsensical social science study, and finishes noting the purpose scapegoats (e.g., Nazi New York police) serve: they allow you to focus outside of yourself for the source of evil in the world, when, of course, the source is inside you the whole time. (And inside me, too, I should add!) I may [ cheat on my spouse / drink too much / ignore my kids / steal from my employer / treat strangers rudely / drive recklessly / visit whores / etc. etc. ], but at least I'm not like the New York Gestapo Department!


  1. Good evening, Dr. Callahan.

    That's very interesting. The scapegoat in Leviticus 16 was used for atonement. One needed to first understand their need for forgiveness -- by recognizing and admitting their sin -- before accessing the scapegoat. Nowadays, it seems as if people use the scapegoat to avoid dealing with their sin.

    How soon before the US goes completely over the cliff? I still have hope, but, at the moment, things are not looking great.


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