No Kidding

What regular New Yorkers think of the NYPD's "gestapo tactics":

'Marybeth Carragher, who lives in a building overlooking the park, said she and other residents were apprehensive about the city’s plan to let the protesters return, without their tents. "I think my neighbors and I are very thankful that the mayor acted," she said, "but we remain completely outraged for having to endure this for nine weeks."'

These protesters had essentially stolen the park and turned it into their own private drug market / sex bazaar / toilet / self-expression forum / etc.

There is no reason they should have been allowed to camp in the park for a single day, let alone the 60 during which they were tolerated. I'm not allowed to pitch tent in a city park. That's not what the parks are for, and it's not how the people of New York want them to be used.


  1. A lot of that I definitely sympathize with. What I don't understand is the complaints about the drum circles. This is NYC, where apartments are durn near soundproofed from the outside.

    Much as it may surprise you, I used to live on Maiden Lane, not but a block from that park. I would sometimes leave the building and *only then* learn that a jackhammer was being run right outside! I'd find it hard to believe that someone's being kept up by drumming.

  2. It depends a lot on when the building was constructed, Silas. We've lived in some like you described, and some where you'd hear most anything outside.


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