Police Brutality In California

Rod Dreher complains.

And this is one of the worst problems with someone like Kevin Carson raging that the mere attempt to stop OWS from camping out in a city park is "Gestapo" tactics: If merely enforcing the law, as the NYPD was doing, is a "Gestapo" tactic, then what words do you have left for real abuses like this?


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Do you feel Kevin Carson does less justice to genuine abuses by complaining about not so wrongful things?

  2. Yes, if every time the police merely enforce the law you shout "Nazis," then people begin to reflexively side with the police.

  3. The cops are being lazy. They should have arrested and booked all of them, but that would have been a lot of work and they would rather they just dispersed. So, they chose violence instead of doing what they ought.

    Amazing how the one leads to the other. My wife says it's the same in China. The police don't really want to deal with you unless you've really done something bad, like commit murder. So, it boils down to mostly either nothing happens to you at all, or you get the crud beat out of you without any real due process and turned loose again, or you get the whole nine yards and get executed. But there isn't usually all that much in between.

  4. My friend says that in Calabria, he was with his cousin, who had been drinking a bit and was speeding. The cop pulled them over and smacked his cousin in the face a few times, and then said "Don't do it again."

    Off they went.

  5. Anonymous1:52 AM

    "Off they went"

    To immediately do it again. Haha!

    Cop: (smack, smack) Don't do it again! Now, go off and do what it was that you were doing that I just smacked you in the face for doing.

    Driver: (vroom-vroom!) (clug-gulp-burp)

    I imagine that if he were a really enterprising cop (well, career-wise anyhow) and was concerned with collecting fees for the Treasury, then he would pull them over every couple of feet or so, give them a fine and send them on their way-- all the way home!


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