Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'll Tell You What Isn't Sentient!

Ed Feser was pretty skeptical of my idea that plants might be sentient. But I can show Aristotle's biology to be clearly incorrect in a different aspect: He held that animals are sentient, but I can guarantee that the dog living next door to me is as free of sentience as any pebble on the beach. I've lived here for seven years, and for seven years, every single time both of us are outside, the beast barks, continuously, until one of us goes inside.

It only took my pet turtle about a month to figure out I was no threat to it. I am willing to posit that it is sentient. But the mutt next door? No way!


  1. Must be a libertarian dog.

  2. And as your commenters know, no sentient being gets the last word on you.


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