Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ok, Fetz, Name *This*

It looks like ice, but when I went to pick it up it feels like gelatin. I was definitely not eating gelatin on the porch recently! It stretches out in a little trail covering about 10 feet. So what could it be?


  1. Dyn-O-Gel by Dyn-O-Mat. It's used for weather modification.

  2. However, a similar water-absorbing polymer is used for potted plants, as well.

    1. Yes, you and Andy are correct. I had been potting plants: how this got spread out in a trail on the porch I don't know, but that's what it must be.

    2. Also I gotta pound that nail down, huh?

    3. "Also I gotta pound that nail down, huh?"

      Yes, unless you want to take a spill or get a nice surprise if you're walking barefoot.

      "how this got spread out in a trail on the porch ..."

      That's what initially led me to believe that it was Dyn-O-Gel, because there had been some stories a few years ago in the PA and Midwest area about people finding it on their property.

      It's weird, when I look up Dyn-O-Gel today all I get are "conspiracy" websites or other questionable sources, and Dyn-O-Mat's website redirects to something totally different. But it *is* a real thing, I remember seeing stuff about it back when I was a sonar tech (we interacted with NOAA, so we were privy to weather mod info). So far all I can find about it today to prove that I'm not a wacko are these:,0,

      Dyn-O-Gel is almost exactly the same stuff as potting gel, except it also has an aluminum compound in it (probably either Aluminum Chloride or Aluminum Chlorohydrate, I don't know for sure).

  3. Just out of curiosity, how did I become the object-identifying man? Was it the poo? It must have been the poo.


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