Siri says…

"You're having an emergency? That's not my problem."

Sirisly: Some drunk or demented person stumbling onto the Hutchinson River Parkway today on my way home. I got on the phone: "Siri, dial 911."

"I'm sorry, I can't dial 911."

Did I say the wrong word? "Siri, call 911."

"I'm sorry, I can't call 911."

Others have discovered the same issue.

Apple, wtf?


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    It's because they don't have access to your E911 or PSAP location. If they call for you, then they become a third-party, and if nobody can find you, they can then become liable by some twisted rendition of the law.

    1. This is depressingly convincing. What would happen if instead of asking Siri, you had your iPhone (I presume) dial 911 with voice dialing? In other words, if Joe is right, and I fear he is, then just "Dial 911" would have worked assuming you have voice dialing turned on; it was the request to Siri that queered it.

  2. So is the problem that you think 911 is for calling in people who stumble, or that you don't know how to dial a fucking phone?

    1. Every once in a while, Tom, you make a really nasty, stupid comment like this, but as a long-timer, I let you get away with it.

      The problem is your poor reading skills.

      1) I wasn't trying to call in someone who stumbles, I was trying to call in someone who was stumbling onto the f(*&ing Hutchinson River Parkway. Pedestrians aren't allowed on the road at all. If he, in fact, stumbled into traffic, he would have been dead in about 2 or 3 seconds.

      2) Since I was on my way home, seeing someone stumbling onto this Parkway, you might have surmised... I WAS DRIVING. At 60 miles an hour. In heavy traffic. (That was going to kill this drunk when he stumbled onto the road.) This was not a good time to look at my phone to dial it. And since I was talking to Siri, I was on an iPhone, which you can't dial by feel since it has no buttons.

    2. You may now apologize and be allowed to post again.

    3. Still waiting for that apology, Tom.


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