Rebecca Schuman: Most Gullible Journalist Ever?

"For although Adler told me that during the controversy she received upward of 400 supportive emails per day—all of which she answered..."

Has Rebecca ever considered simply checking the number of minutes in a day? It is 1440. So let's say it takes two minutes to read each email, and one minute to respond. That is 1200. So, supposedly, Adler was sleeping four hours per day, and handling email the other 20.

I see.


  1. I do not deny that that number is possibly bogus, but:

    (a) No way does it take 3 minutes per email, if you have a ton flooding your inbox and just quickly identify if you should type "thx!" in response.

    (b) She didn't claim to keep up with it day by day, did she? Maybe her inbox got loaded up with 2000 emails over a 5-day period, and she worked it off over the course of the next month.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Keep in mind that Bob is a master at skimming an email and responding in the shortest manner possible. I know this because my emails take at least 4 minutes to read, yet Bob always responds. ;)

    2. Of course, my point being, if she was just robotically sending out "Thx!" then of course she could respond to hundreds of emails a day.


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