Yes, the recent cold snap was yet more evidence for global warming

Of course, it is ridiculous, as someone like Rush Limbaugh often does, to point to a couple of cold days and ask "What about global warming, hey?"

But since we have been keeping weather records, the United States has, on average, had a cold spell like the recent one every four years. Until recently: we have had only three in the last 24 years, and this was the first one in the last 17.

That is a lot longer between cold spells, folks.


  1. There was a time when I was confident about responses like this one. Then there was a time when I became indifferent to them. You've talked about ideology here on your blog. How would you know if your slipping into one?

    1. Certainly Samson being non-ideological can't mean having no opinions!

    2. It's just that I've been going over argumentation ethics in my head, and I'm seriously having trouble deciding whether it's entirely nonsensical or if there is a kernel of truth in it.

    3. I think there is a kernel of truth in it: if I am having an argument with someone, that does to some extent mean I consider that person and equal. I don't argue with, say, slugs or bacteria.

    4. Yeah, but I'm talking about the "presuppositions". I mean, it's kind of hard to tell how "don't attack Jim" follows from talking with him. Even then, it seems...difficult to map to reality with regard to what constitutes "aggression" and "argumentation". I feel it might be contrived when it comes to phrases like "self-ownership", too. I'm trying to shake this Austrian lingo after having immersed myself in it for a few weeks now. Sort of worried I've altered my thinking processes, too. Is this what you mean by rationalism?

    5. Wait, I think I got it: argumentation ethics goes wrong in assuming that what people choose to do is somehow indicative what they should do, thereby making all that stuff about performative contradictions to be irrelevant. Am I right?

    6. Have you seen the paper Murphy and I wrote on this?

    7. The Georgist, theist, and "collectivist" counter-examples all smash his argument. But, I really started to feel it fall apart when I was reading some of the comments on this post of yours. I'm reminded of this one criticism of Kantianism I read that said something to the effect of it [Kantianism] having to rely on the rigidity of language. I think he was trying to pull one of those solipsistic transcendental ethics stunts. What do you think about the whole Kantian bit?

    8. I don't know Kant as well as I would like, so I do not comment on him.


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