Anarchist Crackpottery

Jeff Tucker today sent out a Facebook post declaring that bad race relations are "overwhelmingly" due to government restrictions.

Tomorrow, expect an update from Jeff as to how original sin was caused by Eden's lacking a free market in fruit.


  1. If anything, it's the opposite: I think race relations in the South were made much better by the CRA forcing everyone to get along.

  2. True, under the proviso that "government restrictions" = history.

  3. I generally agree with you, and if Tucker had meant that racism originated from government, he would be wrong.

    But even non libertarian academics like Michelle Alexander have documented how the war on drugs has lead to mass incarceration, which results in poverty, in the black community.

    The urban renewal programs of the 60's destroyed thousands of black businesses and redesigned neighborhoods in a manner that eliminated the self policing functions performed by neighbors and stores.
    You acknowledge this.

    Walter Williams' the state against blacks is a fascinating examination of the affects of occupational licensing laws and their origins.

    Rent control and zoning deincentivize new apartment construction, while government programs meant to alleviate black poverty, like busing and affirmative action, harmed blacks. Busing removed black control over local schools and was based on the racist assumption that blacks could only succede in an environment with white children, and affirmative action programs placed black students in academic environments that they were not prepared for and that did not prepare them for the world.

    A valid criticism is that the government was responding to public opinion, so a reduced government would have made no difference because the dominant attitude is racist. I disagree with this. But thinking that the government played no role in creating racial tension is a notion as utopian and baseless as anarcho-capitalist screeds.

    1. "No role"? Who here said "no role"? Anybody? Anybody?

      Not sure who you are addressing, Bob.


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