Sunday, May 04, 2014

Rich and Poor

My family was in the Philippines recently. They ate at a number of houses in the village where my wife was born.

At the house of a lower-class family in the village, they ate grilled tilapia, homemade chicken soup, rice, salad with homemade dressing, sticky rice cooked in coconut, and a homemade sauce.

When they went to eat with an upper-class family, they were served... Domino's pizza.

UPDATE: What interested me here was that ordering Domino's was a signal of the family's wealth: the poor family couldn't afford that, and had to serve "humble," home-made food due to their poverty.


  1. Poor in relative income, but rich in taste. That is not surprising.

  2. Wow, interesting contrast! Reminds me of this Dilbert cartoon.


That was a great rendition!

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