What country life has done for me

I see a group of people, in a movie, walking through a tall meadow. My first thought?

"My God, how many ticks will they bring back with them?!" (I have found ten on myself already this spring.)


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I got my first tick in my life just last week here in Northern Country (AKA along the St. Lawrence, Upstate NY). I'd never seen such a thing, so I was "Googling" all sorts of skin conditions and whatnot, never even thinking about parasites. It wasn't until I saw those black legs (what I first thought were hairs) wiggling around one morning, that I realized what the case was: I had a Deer Tick attached to my leg.

    Now I'm on Lyme Disease watch.

    From what I hear in NorCo, the ticks are out in force this year. I wouldn't know ... (well, until now; I've never had a tick before).

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      Ha, I had to remove a tick from a coworker last night. That was his first tick, as well.


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