Vaguest Sports Story of the Year?

Just might be this one.

Somehow it involved some football players, a woman, a hotel in Miami, and a hospital, and one of the football players "changed his way of thinking," although he is not saying how it changed. Quite seriously, except for the names of the players, the previous sentence pretty much gives you all of the information in the original story.


  1. You need to get Anthony Bourdain on the case. I'm sure he can get some video to explain it all.

  2. The story links to an article that hints at a bit more detail:
    Apparently a player walked into a hotel room along with a couple colleagues, and found that his ex-girlfriend was in the room. He told her to leave, she refused, he called 911, and somehow the woman woke up the next morning in a hospital bed, with no memory of how she got there, and the player denying that he did anything to her after she refused to leave. But it sounds like he either knocked her unconscious or she was drunk and lost her memories that way.


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