The NBA: Worst Fixers in the World?

I sometimes hear the contention, among other complaints about the NBA, that the games are "fixed." This is supposedly so that series go seven games for TV revenue, and so that the big TV market teams wind up going deep in the playoffs.

The NBA must be the worst at fixing its own games of any organization that ever attempted it. Not a single one of the regional semifinals went seven games.

And then, look at this list of top TV markets. Eight teams from the top fifteen markets made the playoffs. How many of them are left?
Zero. Instead we have number 16, 25, 37 and 45. Bad job, you game fixers!

Since the same people don't complain about the NFL, MLB, or the NHL being fixed, I begin to suspect that their real complaint about the NBA is "too many black people."


  1. A black person referred to me with the "n-word" on the basketball court yesterday. I felt disturbing pride.

  2. Good work? Did you dunk on him?


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