Reporting in from TV Land

On NCIS Los Angeles a character from Homeland Security just described an Iranian terrorist group with 100,000 members!

No actual Islamic terrorist group has more than a few thousand.

No wonder Americans are easily frightened, when the actual threats are blown so out of proportion.


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    In fact, most terrorist groups only have a little few, and their numbers decline quite dramatically as they engage in acts of terror. They're not a popular bunch, but they play so on TV.

  2. During the height of the war on terror, you'd seen ignoramuses saying things like "if even 1 percent of them want to kill us..." One percent of one and a half billion Muslims would be fifteen million extremists, or about six times the size of the largest army on the planet. It's an obscenely stupid number, but the people who'd invoke the percentage thought they were being extremely generous in saying "only" one percent. It's absolutely bat-guano bonkers.

  3. There are at least that many dastardly statists involved in trying to secretly hunt down and kill heroic Cliven Bundy. Or so I read.


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