Dead Show

My friend and fellow blogger, TT Tom, went to see The Dead (essentially the Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia -- he must have been the one who was grateful) at Jones Beach. Now, TT Tom has a thing about sitting in his own seat at a concert, sporting event, etc. Or, perhaps it's better to say a thing abut not sitting in it. So we were shifting seats every 15 minutes throughout the first set, but always up in the mezzanine, since our tickets wouldn't give us access to the floor.

Just before the set break, it began to rain. Tom said to me, "Let's head out toward the exit gate. Someone older and weaker than we are will leave because of the rain, and we can ask them for their floor stubs."

So I stood in the rain for about 10 minutes while Tom accosted people near the exit gate to see if they were leaving. After watching the futility of his efforts, I walked up to him and said, "Face it, Tom, there's no one here older and weaker than we are."

We went back into the stadium to watch the second set from the mezzanine.


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