Juan Cole Takes Apart Jonah Goldberg

Here's a great LRC article...Incidentally, Cole doesn't mention it, and it's not worth writing up a whole article about, but I could not believe this paragraph from Goldberg's column:

A foreign policy realist might have said, "Oops, no WMDs" — and then bugged out. We called Saddam's bluff, which was our perfect right given the stakes, but it's not in our interests to stay. That's realism. And it's funny to hear Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore et al. keep invoking it.

Do you see it? "We called Saddam's bluff"??? So let me get this straight: Saddam told Bush, "I have WMDs, so you better invade Iraq to disarm me." Bush asked the CIA to investigate. They said, "We're not sure, Mr. President, but it's entirely possible that he does. I think we should call his bluff." Then the US invades and we discover, "That rascal! He was bluffing the whole time! He doesn't have WMD after all. You can't trust these Ay-rabs."

Oh, Cole also links to some great Goldberg quotes, archived here at a friendly site (i.e. these guys are proud of Goldberg). Make sure you scroll about halfway down and read the one about America's important need to "kill people" after 9/11.


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