You're not in the army now

So I hear from a friend who enlisted in the US Army to become an infantryman. He details some of the crazy physical training. One of my fovorites is how as new recruits for basic training they are run around and around a dirt track for miles and miles after of course hundreds each of assorted pushups, crawls etc. finaly there is a break for lunch with a time limit. Then immediately out to run and run. Naturally as crippling effects of the grueling chore led to vomitting by all at various times during the run. The rule was no puking on the track. If you puked on the track you got a welcome break to be forced to roll around in your goop. As there were no breaks to relieve bladders or bowels, many garments were soiled. The soiling continued during lectures, puddles under many. No, don't raise your hand and ask to be excused.
Another favorite of mine was the incident related regarding chow line. As our soldier explained at his level of training he was not allowed to take the little cups of syrup for his pancakes. He attempted the mission of attaining a syrup. Thought he was in the clear. He explained an ominous feeling before the drill seargent screamed "what is this?" leading to the cup of syrup firmly slammed into his forehead.
So many memories, so little time. Our blog-boy Gene knows this man as I do. Danny A. He was tossed out on a medical. Circulation, blood pressure, heart stuff.
In a drunken, despondent condition when I saw him as he related that he never even got to toss live grenades. I guess tossing his cookies wasn't enough.


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