The underground economy

So, I spent the last several days in New York City, visiting my daughter. Every time we would go out for a cab, she would just hold her arm up.

I asked her, "Why don't you put your arm down until you see an actual cab coming?"

She said, "Then I would miss the gypsy cabs!" (Of course, she says it with the tone of a typical 20 year old who thinks her mother MUST be a moron, which in this case I was.)

"What is a gypsy cab? What does a gypsy cab look like?"

"Like a car! It can be black, red, green, any color."

"How do you know they aren't psychopaths looking to murder someone??!!"

At this point, I am really thinking that she thinks I am totally nuts.

"Mom, there are more gypsy cabs than real cabs on the street."

"You mean anyone can just call their car a cab?"

"Yes, isn't it great?" she asks.

I had to agree, it was great. Love the market!

We never had a problem with psychopathic gypsy cabbies, either. Although it wouldn't be easy to murder my daughter when her mother is with her. I wouldn't stand for it!


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