Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Fuhrer?

The more I think about it, the more absurd it is that Americans think we were ever in danger of being taken over by the Germans or Japanese. After reading many emails about this article, I have two observations:

(1) The Germans abandoned their A-bomb project early on. Also, I've read people who argued that the Germans went down a dead-end because they were afraid to challenge their scientific authorities on certain matters (having to do with particle physics). I've also read that the reason the US finally achieved it was not only that it tapped on the brainy Jews (many of whom fled Nazi Germany) but also because we had billions of dollars to throw at the project. So it wasn't just dumb luck that we made the bomb before anyone else. (Remember that those #2 bad guys, the Soviets, developed their A-bomb after stealing the plans we had invented.) Oh, and let's also remember that the only country to ever use atomic weapons on civilians was the good ol' USA.

(2) Apparently Yahoo! thinks that emails with "wwii" or "nazi threat" or "hitler's drive" in the subject line are automatically spam...


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