Bob, Usher; Usher, Bob

I visited my younger brother over the weekend who is getting a PhD in math. He introduced me to Usher. I had actually heard some of the artist's performances in the past, though I didn't know the artist's name.

It seems this musician has studied Rothbard. For example, he continually refers to "thugs in the club" in his poetry. I can only assume that this is a subtle reference to the employees of the US federal government, the biggest gang in the world.

Usher's economics acumen is clearly on display when he refers in a patronizing way to "Shorty," an obvious dig at economics professor and former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Bravo, Usher! I salute your keen insight as well as your gentlemanly discretion. Keep us guessing!


  1. Have you heard Bob Marley's libertarian hit, "Redemption Song"?

    "How long shall they kill our profits
    While we stand aside and look?"

  2. I'll check it out! We already know he is anti-government police!


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